SHERLOCK HOLMES - A STUDY IN SCARLET (1933) Reginald Owen  from TheVideoCellar

SHERLOCK HOLMES - A STUDY IN SCARLET (1933) Reginald Owen from TheVideoCellar

Year: 2018
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0 seconds 720 Reginald Owen, a British actor who only a year earlier had essayed the role of Watson opposite Clive Brook in the film of William Gillette's play, takes an admirable turn as Holmes in this Fox distributed B-picture from 1933. Owen, an often underrated actor, is one of the few actors (Patrick MacNee and Jeremy Brett included) to have played both the Great Detective and his companion.After a man dies in a locked train compartment, Eileen Forrester (June Clyde) inherets his place in a secret trust, The Scarlet Ring, organised by a dishonourable lawyer, Mr Merrydew (Allan Dinehart). A member of the group, Captain Pyke is shoot after a meeting and his wife (Anna May Wong) becomes involved in the trust's dealings. All the time Sherlock Holmes is investigating the group's cryptic messages in the Telegraph.SHERLOCK HOLMES IN A STUDY IN SCARLETAn EWHammons PresentationDirected byEdwin L MarinWritten byA Conan Doyle (Story)Robert Florey (Screenplay)Reginald Owen (Dialogue)CASTREGINALD OWEN - Sherlock HolmesANNA MAY WONG - Mrs. PykeJUNE CLYDE - Eileen ForresterALLAN DINEHART - Merrydew JOHN WARBURTON - John StanfordALAN MOWBRAY - LestradeWARBURTON GAMBLE - Dr. WatsonJ.M. KERRIGAN - Jabez WilsonDORIS LLOYD - Mrs. MurphyBILLY BEVAN - Will SwallowLEILA BENNETT - Daffy DollyWYNDHAM STANDING - Capt. PykeHALLIWELL HOBBES - Dearing Remastered © 2006-2010 The Video Cellar, Australia. Comments:
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